March, 2015

DMVPN topology

[Networking] DMVPN - Online study resources

This is a very quick post to provide some documents to read and study if you are interested in learning DMVPN technology. I added a very short comment for each suggested link/study resource. Quick Guide + link for workbook: I’ve found that this link i a very good point where to start. It is […]

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[Tweets] My week on Twitter - 2015-03-20 to 2015-03-26

How to set up #networking between #Docker containers #sysadmin 22:31:51, 2015-03-20 Very interesting analysis about #MPLS vs #SDWAN. Maybe a little bit too much pro sdwan but worth reading #netarch 11:36:28, 2015-03-21 #webinar: Be a #datacenter hero with #RedHat and #Cisco solutions #netadmin #sysadmin 11:58:40, 2015-03-21 #Business Justification for #Docker #virtualization […]

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Firefly RK3288 image

Debian GNU/Linux on FireFly Rk3288

Some weeks ago I decided to build a small server for home as I did alreadyyears ago and documented in this Blog. After a small research on the web I decided to buy a low power consumption device based on ARM architecture and I ended up buying a brand new Firefly RK3288 that is using […]

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[Networking - LAB] Simple GRE Tunnel + IpSEC on Cisco router

Today I was reviewing GRE tunnels and their interaction with IpSEC and I decided to create a very simple and small Lab in GNS3 to have a little bit of practice with it. At the end of the article you will find the Topology file for GNS3 so you can follow the steps showed in […]

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[Tweets] My week on Twitter - 2015-03-09 to 2015-03-15

Ten Best Websites to Check #DNS Propagation 18:56:31, 2015-03-11 #evergreen page from #cisco: #Troubleshooting When #BGP Routes Are Not Advertised #netadmin 19:23:36, 2015-03-12 #Juniper rewires the #DataCenter" 12:12:31, 2015-03-14 Mmm.. interesting… maybe i will change my #CiscoASA for it: Build Your Own High Performance #Router #pfsense 12:16:17, 2015-03-14 New version of […]

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Evoluent mouse 4 with Fedora 21 (and other distros)

I recently bought a vertical mouse to take care of my health, considering how many hours I spend each day clicking and using the mouse on PCs. Moreover I started a completely new experience in the GNU/Linux world using a RedHat like distribution: Fedora. This doesn’t mean I will not use anymore my beloved Debian, […]

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