[HowTo] Automated VPS backup from NAS Qnap

Yet another small how-to that will work mainly as a way for myself to remember how I did setup a QNAP NAS Appliance to use rsync with ssh and make backup of a VPS. This is very useful whenever you want to have your NAS working over the night and make a duplicate of data […]

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[HowTo] Install Coreboot and disable Intel ME on Lenovo Thinkpad X230

I have been promising to myself for very long time that one day I had to have a computer as much privacy focused as possible. As I cannot afford to buy a Purism laptop, I thought the best approach was to find some device where at least it was possible to disable Intel ME and […]

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[How To] Monero (XMR) Wallet with Trezor Model T

Recently the GitHub user ph4r05 released some commits for the Monero wallet GUI that enabled the use of Trezor Model T with the Monero cryptocurrency (XMR). As the commits are now merged in the main Github repository of Monero but not yet “frozen” in a stable release I decided to publish this small guide that […]

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[SysAdmin] Create isolated WiFi network on OPNSense with local wireless interface

During the last months I am using OPNSense as my firewall (moving away from PFSense). At the very beginning I was using it on an apu2d board but then I decide to try running it in a kind of NFV way. Now I am indeed running OPNSense as a virtual machine (with KVM as hypervisor […]

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Configure OpenVSwitch and libvirt to enable trunking (802.1q) between KVM Guests

The goal of this article is to cover a complete configuration of OpenVSwitch and KVM networking to have ports of the virtual switch allowing trunking toward the KVM guests. The reason to do that is to give the opportunity to arrange topologies between routers running as KVM guests connected using trunks instead of physical (virtual) […]

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OSPF topology

[Networking Lab] GNS3 Lab to practice with OSPF LSA types and areas (TCP/IP Volume I)

Here we go with another Lab with GNS3 and IOU. This time is to review and practice the OSPF configurations as well as LSA types, Areas, routing table, virtual links and whatever you’d like to study for OSPF. The exercise rebuilds the one reported in TCP/IP Volume I book on Chapter 8. The topology is […]

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