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[Linux Games] Now that's a flight simulator! X-Plane!

X-Plane is not a game Open Source. And 'profit from this, and add one more: runs on linux so egregious. I decided to review it because recently this game flight simulation was published in version 9:00. Unlike many other simulators, even by the very famous names, this is the only FAA-approved (the Federation of American aviation) and has completely revolutionized the way we think the simulated flight. Also, you can play online using the system IVAO (International Virtual Avaition Organization) and the system VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Flight Simulation Network) thanks to two add-on. These last two, can simulate a very real flight, complete with weather conditions in the area where we are going to fly, flight controllers, etc .. X-Plane also has a large Italian community that you find here and, as I am not a pilot, I have to say that is worth at least try the demo and then decide if you want to buy the full game that currently costs $ 59.00 in offer launch. What we're going to do will be exactly install the demo on a debian unstable (but applies to any distribution, including Ubuntu). First you must make sure you have all the requirements required by the game. Firstly 3d graphics acceleration of your video card and a set of libraries, including the most boring ones openal. However do not worry if you do not have all the libraries, because the binary installer will tell you what the problem is and what you are missing will be found very understandable. A special note, before proceeding with the actual installation, the installation must be paid on distributions with kernel for 64bit processor architecture. In fact, when starting up for the first time the installer riscontrerete an error saying that can not be open libraries libopenal.so.0. This occurs because X-Plane has been created for 32-bit platforms, and there are no default libraries openal in the directory / usr / lib32 of our beloved linux. Never fear. We see soon what to do!

First we proceed with the download of the installer of X-Plane demo version from the official site. After you have finished downloading unzip the .zip file to a directory of our choice and then, through the use of a terminal, we move in the dir where we unpacked the executable X-Plane and execute the command:

$ ./X-Plane \ Demos \ Installer \ Linux

If we find no error, it will start il'interfaccia installation. On the contrary, as I said before, we could check for an error like this:

error while loading shared libraries: libopenal.so.0: can not open shared object file: No such file or directory

In this case, if we are on a 32-bit version of the kernel we just download the appropriate package with the use of apt-get (apt-get install libopenal0a). Otherwise, if we are on a 64bit kernel version we proceed in this way (valid operation for debian unstable but also for ubuntu). First we need to access the repositories of debian where in the search box we must enter the keyword libopenal0a. Subsequently we choose to download the version of the package for debian 32 bit. After the download is finished, move the .deb file in a folder at will (possibly in your home). Assuming you have downloaded the .deb file in / home / user let us go there with a terminal and type the following command:

$ Dpkg -extract libopenal_versione.deb

The result of the command mentioned is the creation of a directory / usr / lib / dir in where we are (in the case of the / home / user /) with inside two libraries. We should not help but link (as root) these two files in the directory / usr / lib32 with the following command:

# Ln -s libopenal.so.0 / usr / lib32 /

We can now proceed to the installation of X-Plane. Let us try, then, to make restart the installer, and if everything went the right way, we will have this screen:

x-plane installation language choice

After choosing the language, by pressing the button "Accept", will open the screen the actual installation:

x-plane setup wizard

The procedure is very immediate and very easy to understand so I do not dwell oltre.Basta just say you need an internet connection (broadband) and at least 1.4 gigabytes of disk space to install the game. Personally I preferred to install X-Plane in a folder in the home directory, you can do the same too.
I report, however, the image of what happens during the download of the game:

x-plane download install

When it is completed it will be possible to start the long download the demo of X-Plane that allows us to use the plane for 10 minutes. A very important aspect of the game is the amount of free add-ons to download. In fact, there is a thick community of people that produce aircraft and other for X-Plane download independently!

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