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The Rai discriminates against minorities

This morning I woke up with a great desire to start the year 2011 in the name of the implementation of good intentions. So, since a few months I feel the need to pay particular attention to the food I eat, I wanted to revisit an episode of Report aired a few weeks ago and spoke of consumption, GDP and groups of people who have organized themselves into communities to self-produce some of the food they eat in accordance with the principles of sustainability. To tell the truth I do not remember exactly, nor the names of these organizations, nor exactly how they were organized at the level of self and for this reason I wanted to review the episode of Report. I wanted to ... but I belong to the "minority ethnic-informatics" by users of GNU / Linux and I can not see the streaming site RAI!

Plugin Silverlight inesistente

Silverlight plugin does not exist

Actually it is not the first time that I can not view the video on the website of RAI. Even during the World Cup it was impossible to watch the games aired in the public TV streaming on their website if you are connecting via a web browser launched by GNU / Linux; and always for the same reason: Rai uses Microsoft's Silverlight for which is not released a version for GNU / Linux platform. Okay, you say, but there is an alternative Open Source: Novell and Microsoft, in fact, develop the plug-in free " Moonlight , "which, they say the same Novell and Microsoft, would implement Open for GNU / Linux Silverlight ... just a pity that the stable version of Moonlight is not developed to be compatible with the latest versions of Silverlight!

The problem is clear, does not affect the choices of Microsoft and Novell on the priority to be given to the development of a plugin rather than another. RAI The problem is that, as a public service, should ensure that ALL the possibility of using the its services and to those few who, like me, do not use nor systems opearativi home Mircosoft, neither Apple operating systems. The reason is simple: everyone pays the fee, even those like me who belong to "minorities computer" and then everyone has an equal right to have access to all services of the RAI.

It would be really interesting if it did apply the principle that any public service, even if not made ​​available from a website of a public administration, must meet the standards of accessibility and usability intended precisely to the websites of public administrations. In this way, by way of example and to understand the practical importance of the application of such a principle would lead even the websites of the companies for the urban and suburban transport subsidized by the institutions to provide a public service, they would be forced to make their own websites respectful of the principles laid down for those of PP.AA ..

In the meantime, to all directors of websites that provide public service, beginning with those who have the responsibility of managing the website of RAI, I recommend reading the book " The websites of public administrations "written by his friend Ernesto Belisario , Gianluigi Cogo and Roberto Scano . I am sure that the information you will find in the book may serve as a good starting point to make their Web sites accessible to all, including minorities computer.

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  1. January 2, 2011 at 18:01 | # 1

    I completely agree with you. But the RAI is no longer a public service, but only a place where politics (in the worst sense of the word) makes its interests. Linux, free and mature to be the ideal desktop of millions of people does not produce any direct, does not pay bribes, no gifts / regaloni / favors.
    The depressing thing is that few people understand.

    Hello. Ilic

  2. stefano
    January 2, 2011 at 18:23 | # 2

    @ ILIX:
    Ilinx, unfortunately the description from both the RAI that GNU / Linux is pure and harsh reality. However, I think at this point it becomes essential to put pressure on that part of the policy with the capital "P" to avoid succumbing altogether.

    My reasoning is precisely in this sense. I'd like to contribute to the cause of those fighting for the total transparency of all that is public; with the increasing importance of the services offered on the web is vital to ensure accessibility and usability of data and information, 100% of people. :)

  3. January 2, 2011 at 18:27 | # 3

    Hello I too have had problems like yours in this moment, however firefox works with moonlight and see the direct and deferred from the site Rai my version of moonlight

  4. stefano
    January 2, 2011 at 19:00 | # 4

    @ Gianluigi caputo:
    because you downloaded the pre-release of version 3 of Moonlight, then a beta. If you download the stable version (2.3.qualcosa) I assure you that the site does not display RAI ;)

  5. January 2, 2011 at 21:22 | # 5

    Hello, the rai discriminates against "minorities" as you call it, in a very grave +
    If you talk about discrimination because you can not watch programs rai with linux, consulates thinking that blind people (as I am) have no facility in the canon
    you have to pay the fee even if you have a computer and a television set, and note that for a blind computer + is certainly important to the tv because we need to read and also for shopping on line in short, for a number of other situations for our autonomy staff.
    In short, one has the pc to read the books and do not give a damn about the rai, and you must pay the fee of rai, but it?
    Not to mention the programs voiceovers:
    There's a list here of all the programs that since 2001 have been made available in audio description on radio1 broadcast media, and now live on the web via realplayer ... that's just here too discrimination through the use of a format owner.
    Virtually all programs and movies INTELLIGENT that there may be rai, no, these served to you "ratatouille" put you "desperate housewives", "private practice", "spell" and other (to my taste) huge crap.
    As if we were blind the poor bastards who just settle for the little that we allow.
    Then I'll tell you another thing
    I went to "mind your own business" Rai2 on December 13, in the air, for a service on the internet addiction (the video is on my channel, http://www.youtube.it/talksina )
    I was with a colleague of mine who was also blind, provided with a guide dog. In short, did not allow him to enter to view the webcast, including the public, "because the dog ruin the shot" and I said, before going on the air, "do not worry your colleague is behind her" instead of him relegated to a small room with the TV and hath heard the transmission from TV rather than watch the live how instead we had agreed and noted that we both signed the sheet of permission to appear in the video.
    Assuming that I am also in favor of free software (in fact as a program-assistant, screen reader, use NVDA - http://www.nvda-project.org ), which is open source, since the screen reader for linux ORCA does not satisfies me, and when possible try to use open source software ... if I were you, given the discrimination that's out there, I am a little ashamed to talk about "discrimination" in a digital environment; in your place I would have titled the article "the rai does not take into account the different operating systems."
    Discrimination is another thing ...
    In the specific context it is ignorance computer.
    Here indeed, we are there ...
    RealPlayer (or real alternative that is) I use it just to hear the broadcasts of the social secretariat rai, the few times that I'm glad to see some episode of NCIS or Criminal Minds delayed.
    But being able to, I'd seguirmele with VLC ... oh god, I've never tried to see if VLC supports real. And I installed it on all PC's real then I can not even take the test.
    For the rest, I had also tried with MPlayer years ago when I used the debian from the command line (I miss those times, but I changed Braille display and BRLTTY I + supports the new device, alva BS40)
    But even there, I do not remember how I did it because I am past six years, I was forced to copy me of the dll files from windows to be able to work with real mplayer. I mounted the fat32 partition on which it was installed xp, and then with the cp command I took the dll
    I shortly in spite of all I think of switching to a macbook pro.
    And there I will get both Windows and Linux systems as virtual, though obviously not the same thing ... and those who have seen we have seen.

  6. stefano
    January 2, 2011 at 21:56 | # 6

    @ Elena Brescacin:
    Elena, thank you very much for your testimony and I congratulate you for your perseverance in the use of the penguin.
    I do not have many words to add, except that the amount of discrimination you are suffering along with fellow blind confirm even more that anyone who provides a service - especially if the public - should abide by the rules dictated by the accessibility and usability standards for sites web for the rest ... let me tell you: Do not let the penguin !! :)

  7. January 3, 2011 at 11:37 | # 7

    @ Stefano:
    Unfortunately I had to abandon the use of GNU / Linux because the ORCA system, one used as an aid to the GUI, does not satisfy me very much and especially not grow much more. And the command line because I can not use synthetic type espeak or pico (the android) does not run on the CLI while the braille note has no driver: the satellite braille system dell'alva 40 is not supported as it is the satellite pro.
    I hope that those of NVDA make the miracle and manage to bring NVDA on linux but I do not think since that uses the libraries of MSAA microsoft, for accessibility.
    For now I have windows xp on the machine here, but if you give me for my birthday a macbook pro-which has already been the assistant VoiceOver preconfezionato- not throw it away for sure!

  8. April 1st, 2011 at 9:23 | # 8

    to rai mom that makes life "hard" for users of the penguin is an old story, unfortunately ..
    as you know some channels (RAI 1, 2, and all the video replay) is transmitted with a new technology called SmoothStreaming only supported by M $ Silverlight plugin and (on linux platform) Novell Moonlight..altri are sent as mms, so There are several displays that support this type of flow (vlc, mplayer etc.)
    smooth streaming before it was implemented, there were several solutions to be able to see direct / vod / replay without using the plugin * light ..
    This example is a script for greasemonkey which I released some time ago and still working for the flows mms: Rai-TV-Player http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/61782

    from early March 2011, however, I have released an extension for firefox that supports all channels rai (smooth and MMS) and video replay, allowing viewing through mplayer. The addon (which runs on mac / linux / windows) is freely downloadable at the following address:

    I hope I have done something to please,
    greetings to all

  9. stefano
    April 1st, 2011 at 9:46 | # 9

    @ Mitm:
    very very very interesting!
    Thank you so much for bringing this to the addon and reported! I will try it soon.

  10. Save
    May 23, 2011 at 19:16 | # 10

    I read that some time ago had to download the program for the calculation of maintenance downloaded from giustiziasicilia that now no longer works, ask wherever possible if you would be so kind as to send potermelo by mail so I can use it to calculate how much money I'll have to give maintenance because I think I'm taking from all sides without understanding anything. the ringranzio in advance and I wish you a good evening

  11. May 25, 2011 at 15:57 | # 11

    Unfortunately, the fee is a charge of possession of an apparatus designed to receive, however, in the face of the stream. It 'a law of 1944 or so !!!! That is a law that could not contemplate anything more than what was at the time, that nothing except the radio. Just like today ... But it suits not update it because indecision anything goes and the RAI you replied that the fee has nothing to do with streaming and so she is definitely not obligated to provide on its website software can be used by everyone. Anyway ... mitm is a myth. With the last 3 moonlight latest version does not work where a tube is a lifeline. I thank him publicly.

  12. stefano
    May 25, 2011 at 22:24 | # 12

    I'm sorry, but as I have often written I do not have copies of the software and do not know sources to download. It would be really nice to get back this tool.

  13. September 26, 2011 at 10:23 | # 13

    @ Paolo52 the rai is not obligated to make the services available? ah no?
    And the law 4/2004 67/2006 on the accessibility + discrimination, where you put it?
    The problem is not the law that is lacking here; associations are so-called "category", union blind or whatever, that just do not care in the least if the rai does or does not do. We do not put in the game just to lick the ass of politicians
    if associations did the right pressure not only us people with sensory disabilities would have the subsidized rent to 50% as a minimum but the sites would be accessible to mac, linux, and also wanting the vacuum.
    precisely here: in January I said that I would have bought a macbook pro in short ... I took it to 2 days; I have not any knowledge of the system that I need to put linux on virtual machine, but also on mac rai.tv does not work well!
    About discrimination even though linux is not to be the best ... apple just press a button and talk. precisely command + f5. linux instead must installarci Orca, and that's not even that we can do everything. That is, there is also the distribution Vinux, which is an adapted, but do not make such claims, with things "adapted"; have little to say that Linux systems are all then if a blind fan you must pay to use them and even one!
    I at the time when I was a tactile device that made me use the command line I was excited, but if I was; Now that I knew really excited about linux apple unfortunately not anymore and it does not hide the fact that I'm sorry because of the potential would be really really a lot
    But I repeat, back to the subject of the beginning, none of those who should be doing, is enough.
    In fact, when I do not remember which Italian public administration wanted to move to GNU / Linux, one of the objections that have been made about it was precisely the fact that it is not accessible to the blind. Sure, it's true. Now it is true. But if instead of saying "it is not accessible to the blind" who complained (radicals) had financed some developers to look right now would not be at this point.
    PS sorry if I am nervous but I have compromised the web site

  14. September 26, 2011 at 15:47 | # 14

    totally agree with elena regard to the interest shown by the poor to say the least trade associations and the total indifference of the question for mom rai ..

    I seem to have little sense instead the comparison between a free and open operating system - linux - and a company like Apple, which manufactures and sells computer hardware and software at a great price ..
    applications such as speech recognition, text to speech and so on, on a mac have been developed and improved because there is a return on linux economico..di against these applications do not exist, or are Cmq difficult to install / use, because no There is still vested with the responsibility soldi..non believe that this is due to the operating system, which indeed provides free all the tools necessary to do so, as the distorted system in which we live in where technology is at the service of ' man and his real needs, but is subject to the laws of the market (discriminatory by nature)

    I close the parentheses, and take this opportunity to tell you the new version of the addon for firefox that I published on mozilla [https://addons.mozilla.org/it/firefox/addon/raismth/] and a copy on my web server [http: //acab.servebeer.com]
    The addon is of course free and open source, and can be used on systems windows, mac and linux, although support is provided only for * nix platform -elena: every rule has its exceptions, for which I remain at your disposal for every need if you want to test it on mac ;)

    a greeting,

    Riccardo (mitm)

  15. February 21, 2012 at 12:20 | # 15

    riccardo on mac I can not test anything, because I still firefox is not accessible. precisely here: chrome is available on mac but not on windows, firefox is available on windows but not on mac ... even if they say they are working on mozilla foundation. but I believe a little, since I do not have the facts in hand.
    You say that Riccardo apple costs so much?
    But you know what you're talking, yes?
    indeed, WHO, talk
    you have no idea how much it costs a screen reader for windows? without which, that is, windows can not use it? Here, costs the same as a mac book. 1300 euro, approximately. 100 euro plus 100 euro less
    So a computer to use it, from 500 euro medium of the computer (if it is a fixed assembled) + 1300 euro only software. + If you want a OCR software for reading, or an external hardware device that reads the paper, you have to spend additional EUR 1200-1300 and beyond, there are also 4000.
    When a ciecato he just wanted to read the newspapers and do not give a damn computer, just go and buy a measly iPod touch 8GB and 200 euro and a little more, including a couple of applications, which has all the newspapers' I am the world, e-mail, of course lacks the OCR works rather badly but in the meantime ... or if you really want to overdo it, an iPad that costs you 600 €, + applications. that are not broken and 1300 software.
    and with regard to the mac, that the money it costs them alone and do not need to buy anything else because he speaks
    For you it will cost too much and I feel sorry for you
    but it means that obviously you do not know what it means to "cost so much"
    I'm talking about 20 years ago, my first post ... it cost 10 thousand euro considering the costs now.
    And now, speaking of rai, for companies only, for now, but they put the rent even on the use of smartphones and computers, from 400 to 6000 euro, but joking?
    Sure there are the facilities, not to the canon rai but for assistive technology. If you take something dedicated, you have to make application to the ASL with all the delays of the case. and if it is, then you have to wait to change supporting six years old, maybe that what you wear has also cobwebs.
    So you agree with me that it is better not to use the facilities asl, but only exploit the reduced VAT of 4% and the ability to download everything from taxes, for things that cost a maximum of 800 euro? Sure. I wanted to buy one of your phones, from 50 euro, then we should spend a further 200 software. with all the problems. licenses, pay update, serial numbers associated with the device, malfunctions with the OS update
    then you know very well that I prefer to spend $ 700 for an apple device or not?

  1. January 2, 2011 at 19:13 | # 1
  2. January 28, 2011 at 17:06 | # 2