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[Linux games] Fantastic shooter FREE.Grafica breathtaking, online gaming: Nexuiz

The opening section of this blog about the games , I had already installed on my debian shooter which I want to talk today. Once again, this game demonstrates the power of open source and the ability of some developers who create software really well made and totally free. Imagine what could happen if the manufacturers of videogames are decided, finally, to release games in open source code. There would be space to improve many aspects of the game thanks to programmers willing to spend a bit 'of their time. But let's get to the point. Today we talk about one of the best games that I've seen so far: Nexuiz Continue reading ...

[Linux Games] BZFlag. The War of the Tanks in multiplayer on Linux (part 1)

2 commenti June 15, 2008 2 comments

BZFlag is definitely one of the most popular open source games. It is a multiplatform title (you can download the version for different operating systems, including Linux) that allows you to play online multiplayer or within a LAN to a battle of tanks. In this first article I will show you the operation of the game, whereas in a subsequent occasion I will show you how to set up your own server to be published on the Internet or use within your LAN to play multiplayer games with the computer you have at home. The hardware requirements are not particularly high, but having a good video card is always better. Also, in the game on the Internet is essential to have an ADSL line and possibly a low ping. In the remainder of this article I'll talk about how to install the game and how you play. Continue reading ...

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