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We record and listen to the web radio stream on Linux with streamripper

5 commenti December 10, 2011 5 comments

In recent times, have multiplied the Web sites that offer services of radio listening in streaming. I personally use which is now the exclusive webradio mainly because I like to follow only certain types of music, and thanks to the Internet you can find specialized radio in almost any genre. Obvious that there is a need to be able to listen to is an Internet connection and, for example, in car this is not always possible. However, a solution can always be found ... maybe recording the audio data stream ... With this mini-howto will explain how to use streamripper ! Continue reading ...

The Rai discriminates against minorities

15 commenti January 2, 2011 15 comments

This morning I woke up with a great desire to start the year 2011 in the name of the implementation of good intentions. So, since a few months I feel the need to pay particular attention to the food I eat, I wanted to revisit an episode of Report aired a few weeks ago and spoke of consumption, GDP and groups of people who have organized themselves into communities to self-produce some of the food they eat in accordance with the principles of sustainability. To tell the truth I do not remember exactly, nor the names of these organizations, nor exactly how they were organized at the level of self and for this reason I wanted to review the episode of Report. I wanted to ... but I belong to the "minority ethnic-informatics" by users of GNU / Linux and I can not see the streaming site RAI! Continue reading ...

[Guide] We develop a low-cost servers for email, torrents and file sharing (Part 7)

Here we come to the penultimate section of this guide. Today we face the 'client install for bittorrent with management on the web. In particular, we will address the installation of libraries Torrent Rasterbar . This is a library written in C ++ to exploit the system P2P BitTorrent in an alternative compared to other solutions. It is thus not of a real client, but a library which will then be exploited, in our case, from a WEB client. Continue reading ...

[Linux Media] Managing the subtitles in the video with subtitile editor. From creation to manipulation.

Subtitle editor is a fairly young project for the management of the subtitles in the video with GNU / Linux. The first time I started the software, I am left a bit 'confused. Maybe because I have never been accustomed to software that will perform these functions or that I have not used any other similar software before, but it did. Subtitile By editor we can create from scratch subtitles to video in popular formats, we can manipulate to already exist, check spelling, change the look and much more. Throughout this guide we will see the most common use subtitle editor, creating a subtitle file from scratch or modifying an existing one. Continue reading ...

[Linux Media] cut, sewed, readjusting, edit, transform ... today we talk about handling video with Avidemux!

Avidemux is a video editing software for Linux. Personally I use it to edit video guides that public on this blog and, in particular, to insert the logo with the name of the blog, to cut unnecessary parts of video, to transform into various audio / video formats or even to insert some filter. I think that this software is really excellent and if you're looking for something simple to use, quick to understand and fast nell'encodare, we found what we needed. Let's see how to perform simple tasks with this software. ... Continue reading

[Linux desktop] Browsing the web with Linux.Ecco the main web browser.

2 commenti July 31, 2008 2 comments

I start to write some articles addressed the use of Linux in the desktop environment and dedicated to those who, for the first time, approaching the world of Penguin. The question I have asked is this: what can it do who start using GNU / Linux for the first time The answer is quite simple and is tied closely around with the article a few days ago in which I showed you how make the configuration of your ADSL . In fact, the activity most likely to want to perform will be to surf the web. Hence the idea to show the main operations software to do this on Linux. Continue reading ...

[Desktop Linux] Installing and removing software on Gnome and KDE

1 commento July 21, 2008 1 comment

Today's subject was already discussed on my blog. In fact, not very far away in time, I showed you how to do the ' install software in Ubuntu (Gnome) or by using the graphical tools and is using the text tool, which I loved so much! However, I decided to repeat the same topic but framed in a different way. This is because, in this new section of the blog dedicated to the use of GNU / Linux Desktop environment, I promised to review some software to help you migrate to Linux and it is therefore essential to have knowledge of the methods of installing software distributions taken at reference for our purposes (Ubuntu and Kubuntu.) Continue reading ...

OpenGEU: road test with video guide of this great Linux distribution.

3 commenti July 19, 2008 3 comments

Erratum 22:07:08:
The project is hosted on the servers of OpenGEU InTiLinux who worked early on in the development of this distribution. However, the project is the brainchild of TheDarkMaster it is, therefore, the father of OpenGEU :)

Not long ago I discovered GNU / Linux distribution called OpenGEU . It is a project created by the team of InTiLinux who has decided to give us a new Linux distribution based on Ubuntu but with a desktop nothing short of sensational: Enlightenment . I was actually looking for a distribution to install on my laptop a little 'ancient and this was a good opportunity to try a very light desktop and really ugly. Continue reading ...

[Linux Media] The second Kino Video editing: from acquisition to rendering.

The software of which I speak is now called Kino and is one of the software indispensable if we are producers of movies or, more simply, the people who occasionally "gocano" with the video ... maybe acquired from your camcorder. Kino is, in fact, a software very easy to use and feature-rich video editing. Let me be clear, nothing to do with the far more noble professional software, but if you do not have big claims, I assure you that you can reach really high levels of quality for our video. But let's see how to install and how to use Kino. Continue reading ...

FileZilla and open source: the conquest of the 10th place in the rankings for download from

2 commenti July 17, 2008 2 comments

That is: how to start from the bottom and get there in a few years, in tenth place in the rankings for download from . This is, perhaps, in a nutshell, the story of FileZilla , the FTP client, multi-platform created by Tim Koss and two other students in January 2001 The choice of open source, it may seem trite to say, was made ​​to time as a solution to "fallback": since, in fact, the already large number of FTP clients available on the market even then, the three thought they would be able to sell a single copy. Continue reading ...