[Networking – LAB] DMVPN GNS3 preconfigured lab for Yasser Auda Workbook

DMVPN Lab GNS3 topology

DMVPN Lab GNS3 topologyAs promised in my recent post about DMVPN online and free study resources, I prepared a small topology for a Laboratory that helps you practising with DMVPN. The topology is 100% the same you need to fulfill the Yasser Auda Workbook that I mentioned in my previous post as well. What I did is very easy, I just reproduced the topology and issued all the basic commands to configure the initial environment. Basically, then, you will just need to download the workbook from this link, download my topology file and start it in GNS3.

This time I used GNS3 with a IOU Layer 3 image. If you don’t know what IOU is I suggest to use google for it. Moreover please keep in mind that I am not providing any image with the topology and you will need to found one by yourself.

DMVPN Lab GNS3 topology

The above is the full topology. Just go ahead and download the .zip file with GNS3 topology and initial config from here and start trying the Yasser Auda Workbook!

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