[Networking – Lab] Ready-to-go GNS3 Switch and Routers config for your lab.

GNS3 ready to use

GNS3 ready to useA lot of times, when you would like to reproduce some behavior in a Network, you need to add a lot of basic configs on your routers and switches. You need to add loopback, ip address, unshut interfaces, create vlans, activate SVIs, configure access ports and so on. If you have not too much time, definitely the preparation of the basics is time expensive and sometimes doesn’t help. That’s why I’ve decided to share a GNS3 topology for IOU devices with 6 switches and 6 routers that have a basic configuration. All you need to do is to decide what device to use and connect cables!


The utilization of the topology is very easy. All the switches and routers come with a Loopback and several interfaces already configured. It will be enough to connect them each other and start to play with routing protocols or with supported switch features of IOU. All the details about already configured interfaces are written within the GNS3 file:

GNS3 ready to use
GNS3 Ready to use Routers and switches

You can download the GNS3 file here.

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