[Networking Lab] Static route and load sharing practising (TCP/IP Volume 1)


This GNS3 laboratory is a simple reproduction of the Configuration exercise number 3 of Chapter 3 (static routing) of the well known book TCP/IP Volume 1 for the CCIE professional development. I think it is a very good practice to review the configuration of static routes to achieve redundancy with utilization of floating static routes as well as load sharing. As always I am providing you a screenshot of the topology as well as the GNS3 files to simply load and start your lab.


To complete the configuration you have to achieve these goals:

1) write static routes for each router;
2) assuming that all links are identical media, use load balancing on equal cost path and floating static routes for maximum efficiency and redundancy.

You can download the topology file here and the solution file with the configuration to add on each router here.

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