[Networking Lab] GNS3 Lab to practice with OSPF LSA types and areas (TCP/IP Volume I)

OSPF topology

Here we go with another Lab with GNS3 and IOU. This time is to review and practice the OSPF configurations as well as LSA types, Areas, routing table, virtual links and whatever you’d like to study for OSPF. The exercise rebuilds the one reported in TCP/IP Volume I book on Chapter 8.

The topology is the following:

OSPF topology

As always the initial setup is already arranged for you and you can find the GNS3 files here.

What you have to do:

1) Configure OSPF on each device (please be careful and have ALL networks reachable from everywhere. Hint: you have to also make area 35 available to Area 0!);

2) Configure summarization on all ABRs;

3) Modify the configuration to make area 15 a stub area;

4) modify the configs to have area 30 a totally stub area;

5) Network on Interface lo2 of router H is not part of OSPF. Consider as it is coming from another routing protocol and have it advertised in the OSPF domain not allowing any Type 5 LSA to enter the Area 20.

UPDATE: You can find the final configuration file here.

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